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Sin City

Saw it last night. Awesome movie. I can see why people are so divided on it though. The whole thing is basically film noir/two-fisted Mickey Spillane detective style crime fiction turned up to eleven. It's not naturalistic in any sense.

Mickey Rourke made an awesome Marv. And Bruce Willis made a good Hartigan. Clive Owen didn't seem quite right for Dwight; he was a little too soft-spoken-prettyboy to be a convincing hard-boiled ex-con.The visuals were brilliant, although surprisingly it rarely felt like Rodriguez et al. were pointing it out. It was just what the material demanded. Elijah Wood was creepy as hell. I loved the soundtrack—at first I thought "Damn, did they get John Zorn & Naked City to do this?" but it turned out to be Rodriguez and some other folks.

The weak points were Goldie, Manute (Michael Clarke Duncan's delivery was kind of flat), and Dwight. Shame about Dwight because I usually think of The Big Fat Kill as being the definitive Sin City story (although The Hard Goodbye, Marv's story, came first).
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