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Finally got my film developed

So I'm going to inflict photos on you all, including some really old ones!

Like this first set. These are from the first time I met craziesunshine, on Free Comic Books Day. This is back when she was with her now-ex, before hooking up with walkerton.

Crazie & her then-boyfriend

Crazie had this idea to have pictures of comic books being freed, for Free Comic Books Day.

Emerging from the downtown Berkeley BART station. I can't remember why they went down there. I didn't, since I was wearing rollerblades.

Crazie's then-boyfriend (wish I could remember his name) tossing comics in the air. Crazie was tossing 'em too, but I suck at action shots so she's out of frame.

The FCBD haul

Proof that we met! Me on the left

Crazie and...Brian, was it? This was the better of two shots

That's the lot. I have so much more to show you all (I let 4 whole rolls of film build up before finally getting them developed), but fixing them up in Photo Express is a pain, so they'll probably come out in small bunches.

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