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Went to see Katsuhiro Otomo's new movie Steamboy with my folks tonight. Capsule review:
  • It's a very good looking movie. The designs are sweet, and they really went all-out with the animation quality.
  • 80% of the main character's dialogue consists of "Hunh?". 10% is repeating something somebody else just said.
  • I wanted to set the heroine on fire.
  • Yes, while the giant mechanism we're in is crumbling to pieces and getting ready to explode, let's break for some hamfisted philosophising on the purpose of scientific progress. Over and over again.
  • I understand that Otomo wanted to keep it ambiguous for a while whether the hero's father or grandfather is in the right. But making it clear that they're both dangerously insane is not a good way of accomplishing that.
  • They blows the stuffs up real good.
  • I so wanted to kill that obnoxious little girl. Establishing that her home life is impersonal does not generate enough sympathy to excuse her treating everyone like shit.
  • At one point Ray (the hero) fixes up a steam-powered rocket engine, grabs hold, and flies. With no wings. Or any sort of steering or stabilizing mechanism at all, aside from shifting his weight. Hell, even The Rocketeer had a little fin on his helmet.
  • More stuff blows up. In fact, the movie is essentially an extended explosion that occasionally stops for breath.
  • Steam-powered WALDO arms! Fuckyeah!
  • Her voice can shatter diamond.
  • A few funny lines.
  • Using organ manuals to control a giant war machine = awesome
  • We're already blowing everything up, let's freeze some shit too while we're at it.
  • English people can take a licking and keep on ticking. Those hardy Brits are able to shrug off shrapnel, fall off of trains, and get repeatedly slammed against metal walls with great force without so much as a scratch. They're not invincible, though: one guy actually bleeds after getting hit straight-on by a cannonball.
  • We need to get the big explodey thing out of the middle of London, or it'll destroy the city! So let's smash the rest of the city on our way back to the Thames.
  • Boom!
Verdict: it was okay. Not worth going out of your way to see. Not really worth the cash to see it in the theatre, , but its bombastic visuals will not be well served on the small screen so video isn't really a good option either. I really wanted to like this picture, but it just didn't come through with the good plotwise or characterwise. Graphically, it kicks ass.

  • Sin City: will rock the hizzouse. I will have Frank Miller's babies.
  • Kung Fu Hustle: this looks like a riot. They basicaly take everything that's ridiculous about kung fu movies and amplify it. And add dancing. With shotguns.
  • Layer Cake: a British mob pic from the producers of Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch (neither of which I've seen). Looks mediocre.
There were more trailers, but I can't really remember them.
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