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Nanaca CRASH!

This game is severely awesome.  You're a little girl on a bike. The object is to crash into a bishy guy and send him flying as far as you can (the control is like swinging in a video golf game: press the mouse button when the meter shows the angle you want and release it when it shows the power you want). You can hit him multiple times (with limits), and there are various characters standing around that alter his flight if he hits them. This page shows you how to play.

Manage your aerial crashes wisely: you only get 3 upward ones, and downward ones take some time to replenish. Use downward crashes to knock the guy into boosts, especially if you can get a special boost that way. At first the stop girl is irritating, but if you can get her special (by hitting her after hitting another boost girl without touching the ground in between), she'll give you the biggest boost of all. Youko (the blocking girl) can actually be more of a problem, especially if your angle is low.

Youko (the girl in the pink dress)'s special is made available by getting boosted by her, and becomes unavailable if you hit any other boost girl afterwards. Miki and Kiri's specials are available if one is next to the other. There are some other extra-special specials that have something to do with Youko, but I still haven't figured out what makes them appear.

My highest score is 5939.52m. What's your high score?
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