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I suck at games

Played Puerto Rico with my folks last night. There's nothing quite as frustrating as playing a game with people who keep complaining that they're just flailing and can't remember the rules...and losing to them. Especially when you're the one who taught them how to play. I got completely frozen out of every single Captain phase, managing not get a single victory point chit by the end of the game (I filled up my building spaces though, and had two large bonus buildings, so I didn't have a score of zero—I'm not sure that's even possible without deliberately passing during every Builder phase). I ended up tying for last place with my dad, coming in second if you used the money-and-goods tiebreaker, but my mom skunked us—second time she's played, second time she's won. At least I can take a sort of perverse pride in my PR losing streak: unbroken since the first time I played!

Afterwards, I spent the evening playing Soul Calibur 2 using Astaroth. Had to continue about 13 times (I'm not exaggerating), and ended up quitting and turning off the machine before I put my foot through the TV. At least in this case part of the blame can be laid on the fact that Astaroth is a fairly new character for  me. But still.
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