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o~/ All the things you'd throw away / I'll buysell on eBay! /~o

Selling a couple of old things on eBay, if anyone's interested:
  • UML in a Nutshell (from O'Reilly) - I don't really know why I bought this in the first place, as I've never been involved in the sort of big project that would use UML in the planning stages, but it's a pretty good technical text and should be useful to someone.
  • John Sebastian Teaches Blues Harmonica (VHS video) - I haven't been into practicing harmonica for a good long time (not since high school, actually). This is a good instructional vid.
Currently these are only set up to ship within the U.S., but if any of you guys outside of the 'States are interested I'll gladly revise the shipping options to allow international shipping.
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