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Thanksgiving plans


And playing Settlers while listening to Alice's Restaurant on the radio, eating almonds and sweet olives, and sipping Martinelli's. We play a board game during Thanksgiving day every year: usually Monopoly (in which my dad beats the pants off of me & me) or Clue (somewhat more even). This year it'll be Settlers.

LJ Thanksgiving by Nichelesschick
Burns the turkeygrassynoel
Makes a turkey out of mashed potatoescrusherjoe
Starts a food fightkeradon
Explodes from too much foodfishbulb42
Gets drunk on grapessimon_jester
Arrives too late to eat at allanimal_co
Pelts green peas at Hobos on their way homenightstar_staff
Volunteers at a homeless shelter (loser)haibanerakka
Hosts the partyjohnforster
Wants to kill the hostmcmartin
Shares the wish bone with youwalkerton
Quiz created with MemeGen!

The day after Thanksgiving, I'll be at The Endgame in Oakland for their all-day boardgame fest. Should be fun. So, attention bay area peoples, if you want to hang out that's where you'll find me.
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