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See, this is why I always wear a t-shirt & jeans or shorts

...or khakis if I'm "dressing up" (or my jeans are in the wash and it's too cold for shorts).

Just to see if I could do it, tonight I tried to tie a necktie. I couldn't. Despite having been shown several times by my dad, I couldn't remember how to tie any of the knots. So I googled necktie knots and found some instructions. I tried all four knots, and failed at each. The half windsor and double windsor were catastrophes. The four-in-hand and pratt at least came out looking something like knots, but the instructions for each ended with "hold the narrow end and slide the knot up to the collar". Well, when I do that the fat end comes with it, so I end up with the narrow end hanging a few inches below the fat end, and the knot doesn't tighten the way it's supposed to.

This sucks. Not like I'm gonna need to wear one soon, but I'd like to be able to put one on in less than 24 hours when I do. Fuckin' things. I refuse to wuss out and use a clip-on, though.


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