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Dream a little dream of me

Last night I dreamed that I was the guy in Love Hina, except there was something about the house fronting some sort of shantytown/mining colony, and the people who lived there had been mutated by sludge found there (which may have been the stuff they were mining). I was trying to help the mutants with a rebellion, and at some point it turned out I'd been mutated too, as were the girls, just not outwardly (I could spit some sort of prehensile/amœboid brownish goo that I could use as tethers). The "mine" was sort of like a huge, broken-down warehouse, with lots of support beams. The floor was covered in water, and you had to clamber around on rocks, broken beams, and such to get around. There was a small, hidden open-air courtyard with a small tree in it. That's all I remember. It was actually kinda cool.

I woke up wondering where it'd come from. Then it hit me (partly) around noon: I'd read parts of the script to Total Recall yesterday, looking for the name of the mutant psychic siamese twin (to make a joking reference somewhere about GWB's mysterious hump). So the mutant freedom-fighters thing probably came from that. I still don't know how the Love Hina stuff got involved, as I haven't seen much of that series, and none very recently.

Still, Love Hina meets Total Recall. Yep.
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