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From Reinder Djikhuis's blog.

Matthew White's Historical Atlas of the 20th Century site has some pretty cool stuff:
  • Most overrated historical aspects of the 20th century — The Cold War? Martin Luther King, Jr.? White makes a good case that they, and other things, people, and events, are overrated.
  • Most underrated historical aspects of the 20th century — To balance it out, some people, events, and things that deserve to be better known.
  • Which has killed more people: gun control or Christianity? — Doesn't really answer the title question, but is quite interesting.
  • Comparing the USA to Rome — A lot of people (particularly on the left) like to compare modern America to Imperial Rome, usually implying that it's about to fall. But most who say this don't actually know that much about Rome. So, how do they compare? Starting with the provocative assertion that current events bear much closer resemblence to Rome circa the end of the 2nd Punic War, White draws up a comparative chart of the two nations, which extends into an amusingly written future history.
The pieces are fairly short, witty, and well-written.
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