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The mystery of the anonymous LJ benefactor

So far, grassynoel, mythos_9, brassydel, mrs_keradon, packy, nick_101, and myself have received paid LJ accounts from an unknown individual. It's tough to narrow the possibilities down: I was looking at who has listed all of the recipients as friends, but the IW community is so close-knit that that really doesn't eliminate anyone non-obvious. Also, Brassy doesn't allow her friend-of list to be viewed publically, so there's a gap in the data.

I suspect that it may be haibanerakka preparing to return, but I don't really have any evidence for that, just hope. Another possibility crossed my mind, that it was kadharonon, who has just gotten a credit card and bought herself a paid account just a day or so before the anonymous gifts, but she doesn't have packy on her friends list nor vice versa, and anyway it doesn't seem likely that she'd make these anonymous gifts.
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