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I just had to rescue a couple of hummingbirds that'd flown into my living room and couldn't find their way out. It was really frustrating trying to direct them out, since they seemed to want to fly everywhere but towards the open windows. One even got stuck between a partly-open sliding window and the fixed window above it, which had me worried for a bit. Amazingly, my cat (who was sitting in her cat seat by the partly-open window) wasn't really paying much attention , but I still carried her out and closed the door behind me just to make sure. I untrapped the one that'd gotten caught, opened that window the rest of the way (which, if I'd done so beforehand, would've seriously trapped the bird—these are the kind of window that slide up), and ended up catching the other—which had stopped flying around and was sitting, nearly motionless, on the windowsill—in my hands and releasing it outside. Hummingbirds are pretty cute when you see them close up.

I have a little feather that had fallen into the cat seat from their bumping into the windowpanes as a souvenir. I love iridescent things.
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