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Figured I'd give you all a look at that Japanese goth-rock album I bought at JapanTown Anime Fair. I bought it for the cover art, after all.

First, the front of the slip-cover:

A couple of hot Japanese goth girls! At least, I hope they're girls. Check out that hair. It looks like she moussed it, then stuck her finger in an electrical outlet.

Now, the back (same on the slipcover and case):

I'm pretty sure the people in the pics behind her are men. The one on the far left has, if possible, worse hair than the girl.

Now the case front:

Oooh, spookular.

Back of the booklet:

Basically just the slipcover front without the extra text.

And finally, a sample of the pretentious booklet art:

Wowie zowie.

The music inside, incidentally, is pretty lame. Semi-metal rock with "minuet"-like bits.
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