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Jorb, meds, etc.

Well, the job seems all right. The agency was a little inaccurate about the nature of the work, though: it isn't loading and unloading trucks; it's assembling and checking furniture. And cleaning up afterwards. It's pretty tedious, and exhausting, but it's not to difficult. The only real problem besides the time (it starts at 7am, not 7:30am like I thought; don't worry, I got there in plenty of time) and the distance (it's way out by the Oakland Coliseum) is that it gets wicked hot in there despite it being a really big warehouse. Also, the vending machine had run out of bottled water, and by the end of the day had run out of all drinks. Yuck. I'm gonna start bringing a large bottle of water I can refill, now that I know how hot it gets.

The other people there seem okay. Many don't speak English, but everybody's pretty personable. KNBR sports talk radio is pretty boring, but I just mentally tune it out. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my timecard, so I'm gonna have to get it signed on Tuesday. Oh well. The super, David, seemed like a reasonable guy.

When I got home I changed (I was pretty dirty by that point) and went down to the temp agency to show them my social security card (I only had one form of ID on me when I signed up...whoops!). Then I tried to call Kaiser, but the psychiatric meds advice nurse's hours are 8:30 to 4. I went to bed to take a nap around 6, and didn't wake up until around 8 this morning. I didn't take my half-pill of Paxil because I didn't realize I was going to sleep for the night.

Speaking of which, I need to talk to the advice nurse about that stuff. Since I started taking whole pills (the shrink prescribed half pills for a week before stepping up), I've been yawning a lot, and I've felt a nasty tightness in my chest. I've dropped back down to half pills, and the side effects have gone away. I'm a little concerned, though. Paxil probably isn't right for me.
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