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No more cold pizza and IRC before bedtime

Pro wrestling, cards, Gilbert & Sullivan, and the end of the world. Not necessarily in that order.

Last night I dreamed that I was at an amusement park in a forest. Part of it was supposedly the former set for a movie. I don't remember that part too well, but there was some sort of temple/fountain/thing where they'd done the special effects, and a big field surrounded by a wall full of archways where some battle scene was filmed. Then I was in a temporary building with a bunch of other people, and we were rationalizing away signs of the impending apocalypse, one of which was "being friends with snakes". But every time one of us would try to go outside, it'd suddenly be nighttime. I think I woke up at this point, then went back to sleep.

Part 2 starts in a wrestling ring. I'm one of the few people in the audience, and it looks like it's set in a high school gym. Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels are in the ring, and Flair is taunting Michaels pretty lamely. Then a couple of guys run into the ring and lay out Flair. One of them looks like Andre the Giant, but I know he's not because Andre is dead, and I'm pretty disgusted with the crappiness of the angle. Then I'm outside playing cards with John Cena and somebody else using my Jurassic Park deck. Equal parts of the deck were dealt out to all players, but it was shuffled poorly and a lot of cards were turned around backwards. I turned over the ones in my hand, hoping that nobody had seen them. There were also special cards with names, like in the tarot, but they weren't real tarot cards. At first I was pulling them out of my hand and setting them aside, because they had obviously gotten mixed into the deck by accident, but I noticed that the other players weren't doing the same so I put them back in. Then John Cena was replaced by brassydel and David Willis (</span>walkerton )</span> arrived, and we started talking about Pirates of Penzance. We ended up singing the Policeman's Song ("tarantara, tarantara").


Okay, I've been watching entirely too much wrestling (although I've haven't been watching the past few shows--maybe I'm in withdrawal?). I've been reading up on card games lately, on Wikipedia and a rulebook, and checked out some decks at the game shop yesterday. And last night in #itswalky! we got on the subject of Pirates of Penzance because of a high school photo DW showed us. But that doesn't explain the presence of the amusement park, the weird eschatological elements, and Andre the Giant (who's been dead for about a decade now, I think, and I haven't seen anything with him in it since last summer).


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