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In dreams

Last night I dreamed I was in Hawaii, then I was in a concrete schoolyard. I went into a small wooden building and sat down with some friends, including Tomas (who I don't see often) and Evan (who I haven't seen in years). Tomas had shoulder-length hair for some reason (I've only ever seen him with short hair). He went off to hit on some girls with the "Tomas Dance" (long story IRL). I left with Ev and we walked behind a freight train—there was a track running past the wooden builing in the schoolyard—to Evan's dad's little anime DVD shop (huh? Ev's dad doesn't run a store).

Somehow I got put behind the counter and had to take care of customers. Except that I'd never been told how to do it, and a customer tried to pay with a check of some kind. I had to use some sort of pad of preprinted financial forms with carbon paper, and I had no idea where to put the check or how to fill it out. As I tried to figure out how to use it, the customers were getting impatient. I tried to apologize and calm them down, but I still couldn't figure out how to use the forms and I was in a panic.

Not the sort of dream you want to have while you're looking for work.
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