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My aunt & cousins left earlier today. It was fun seeing them again, but it's kind of nice to be back to the regular routine.

Went to Aikido today, and got in some good randori practice. I'm exhausted. I won't be able to make the traditional end-of-session beer-and-pizza night at Kip's on Wednesday, because I have an appointment with the psychiatrist Wednesday at 5:30 (and an appointment with the psychologist earlier, at 1). Again, I'm both looking forward to and dreading it. I was supposed to contact comic companies about internships by Wednesday, and I'm kind of embarassed that I still have only looked at some of the companies' sites and have not yet contacted any of them.

Wednesday I also hope to get together with Joe and go to Endgame for board game night. It's been a while. Joe hasn't been able to go because it conflicted with his wrestling practice, since he was my ride I stopped going too. Even when I got my license, I still didn't go, because I kinda need to go with somebody I know to things like this or else I end up blowing it off. Anyway, it should be fun, and I'll bring Web of Power.

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