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My meeting with the psychologist

It went...well. I guess. Although I was very near tears for a lot of it. He seems like a fairly nice guy.

The verdict? Although he says it's too early yet to make an actual diagnosis, his guess is a combination of dysthymia and social anxiety disorder. I talked to him about how part of what prompted me to seek therapy was reading an article on adult ADD in the NY Times Magazine, but he said that what I'd described didn't sound like how ADD develops, and furthermore that his private practice is counseling ADD sufferers and I don't give the impression of ADD to him.

He also pointed out that my slacking on the job front is probably only partly due to depression and anxiety; the fact that, with room & board taken care of by my folks, I have kind of a sweet deal going. He noted that the point where I really brightened was when I was talking about comics (in response to him asking what I'd like to do if I could do anything). He told me to call up various publishers about getting an internship, because it's obviously something I want to be involved in. He mentioned Dark Horse as possibly being a good fit for me—maybe it was the picture of Hellboy on the CBLDF t-shirt I was wearing, but I was surprised that he'd gotten me so dead-on (I like DH as a company a lot).

He made an appointment for next Wednesday, and also one with a psychiatrist because I'd said I was open to the idea of medication, which turned out to also be for Wednesday (but much later in the afternoon).

BTW, was it National Double Parking Day or something and somebody forgot to tell me? I had to dodge more vehicles parked in traffic on two-lane roads today... *grumble*
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