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Getting off my ass

Did some exercise today: some 10-and-1s (10 jumping jacks, drop and do 1 pushup, 9 jumping jacks, drop and do 2 pushups, 8 jumping jacks, 3 pushups, and so on until 1 jumping jack and 10 pushups), 64 Hindu squats, and 20-something situps (about 23 "real" situps, plus about 5 or so more using my arms for momentum). I should've done more, but, well, I dunno. I just should've done more—dive bombers, dips, etc. It was very nice out in the backyard.

I need to set a schedule for exercise, or I'll continue to do it sporadically to not at all. Hmm. MWF sounds good. Burning off some of this gut would be nice.

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