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Wrestling dream

Last night I dreamt that I was at an APW show. It wasn't at the Garage; the place was bigger than that and layed out differently, with a balcony, sort of like the Fillmore or the Great American Music Hall. Joe was refereeing (although I don't remember there being any matches). Robert Thompson ran in with Akuma riding on his shoulders, and they ran around the room. They also tried to switch positions behind a column, with Thompson riding on Akuma's shoulders, but Akuma couldn't get very far like that. Thompson was grinning from ear to ear. There were a bunch of people I knew from high school in the audience, who I haven't seen in years. I remember going out into the hallway, where some of the wrestlers were hanging around, but that's about it.

This is probably what I get for reading 411 before going to bed.


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