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Bored. Meme time.

This one is pretty unflattering:

Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Never stays the same style/colour for long.
Clothes:School boy/girl uniform.
Powers:Psychic powers
Special Features:Bunny ears and tail
Sidekick:Small fluffy animal that talks...usually too much.
Attitude:Cool, calm, and collected. You rarely lose your composure, so when you do, it's pretty amusing.
Weapon:Squeeky Hammer
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Then with my real name it gets downright weird:

Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Short and brightly coloured.
Clothes:You dress like a wanna-be magical girl.
Powers:Psychic powers
Special Features:Random tattoo(s)
Sidekick:Large dragon.
Attitude:Sarcastic as hell.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Magical girl?!

It gets slightly better for my full name:

Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Dark and cut short.
Clothes:Leather, belts, chains, bondage pants, collars, and tight shirts.
Powers:Shape Shifting
Special Features:Wolf ears and tail
Sidekick:An alternate personality, that on occasion takes on its own physical form.
Attitude:Bouncy one minute, murderous the next. No one knows when you're going to mood-swing next.
Weapon:Wrist blades
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

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