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Aikido in the park this morning. We mainly worked on sword techniques, which was fun—I love swinging around bokken. After that I went home, ate breakfast (my dad hadn't finished making breakfast by the time I had to be at the park), mowed the lawn, and goofed around on the net a bit. Called up my friend Bruce, seeing if he was down to go to Hayward, catch the APW show and heckle Joe. He wasn't, and by that time it was too late to get Joe to give me a ride, so I wrote that off. Bruce asked if I had a Windows install CD around, because he had a new computer but there was no OS on the drive. I didn't, but I did have Fedora Linux on CD, and I offered to install that for him. He said sure, and asked if I wanted to see Napoleon Dynamite. I hadn't been planning on seeing it but I said okay.

Bruce, his roomates, and I walked to the Shattuck Cinemas. They had Junior Mints! It's not a real movie without Junior Mints. The movie was excellent. Bruce and I, and a couple of his roommates, were laughing all through it. The title character of Napoleon Dynamite is a nerdy guy in high school in a small rural town in Idaho. He's the kind of nerd whose reaction to being ostracised is to act like he's better than all of the "idiots" surrounding him. Granted, most of them are idiots or assholes, but Napoleon is himself kind of a bitter prick, and a habitual liar who deludes himself more often than he convinces others. Still, you warm up to him despite or because of his social ineptitude. The plot is picaresque, and he stumbles from one ridiculous misadventure to the next. It has a very Rushmore-like feel, but where Max Fischer is precocious, Napoleon is incompetent. The end is quite sweet. Two thumbs up.

After the movie we went to a little Mexican restaurant, where I had some excellent chicken taquitos (for just $3.75!). On the way back to Bruce's place Bruce picked up an old rug on the sidewalk, which turned out to smell like pee. He tried spraying it down with a hose, but on the ground, and then realized that he needed to lift it and haul it across the yard to hang it on the back fence, dripping and smelling stronger by the minute. After that, I tried to install Fedora on his computer, but ended up getting an error message saying the drive couldn't be formatted. So it looks like the hard drive he'd gotten from one of his roommates was just as dead as the one that came with it (it was used, given to him by his girlfriend). Oh well.

Apparently the other guys there were in a real movie mood, because they went out and rented Big Fish. This was also an excellent movie, although I think Billy Crudup was a little too affectless throughout it. I mean, he's supposed to be kind of a stick, but I think he overdid it a bit. The movie's about a man (Billy Crudup) trying to understand his father (Albert Finney), a compulsive liar who embellishes all stories about his past into tall tales. In the flashback/story sequences, the father is played as a younger man by Ewan MacGregor. It's very odd, with some creepy moments (as a boy, the father meets a "witch", in whose glass eye you can see how you will die) and plenty of silly ones. The ending is really good. I was tearing up.

Home, and to bed.

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