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More on the T language

A short follow-up to this.

Sorry, allpurposeguru, I never wrote up any sort of spec. T exists as a bunch of ideas floating around in my head. I wrote up a description a number of years ago, but it was on my student account and I lost it when I left. This is all there is.

T should be able to handle that low-lever stuff. With the older pointer system, you'd use a handle (non-heap, not-for-array-traversal) for that. With the newer floating references, you could assign a specific address to a reference by using the @= address-assignment operator with a hexadecimal literal.

There are a couple of borrowings from Perl. One is the ccomparison operator <=> (returns -1 for less than, 0 for equals, 1 for greater than). The other is context: functions can be overloaded by return type as well as parameter types.
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