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Today was a good day

I met craziesunshine in person today! I got to the comic shop pretty late (around 12:45), because I left Aikido later than I expected and had to change afterwards—I was a muddy mess from taking falls on the wet grass. So I get to Comic Relief, grab some FCBD freebies, and browse around. I was starting to think they'd left because I was so late. At about 1, Crazie and her boyfriend approached me. Apparently they never left, we'd passed each other without noticing. They were feeling hungry, so I suggested Phở Hōa. We walked over there (well, I skated) and each had cold rice vermicelli bowls. I convinced talked up durian smoothies and Crazie's boyfriend got one, while Crazie convinced me to try an avocado smoothie. I liked mine (it was sort of like guacamole but sweet), but the durian didn't go over too well. Whoops. After that we checked out Movie Image (which is selling off their tapes to become a net/phone-based DVD sales operation ) and Electronic Boutique. They're both in the games industry, so they were talking about games they'd played before they were translated, and how one of their friends did the narrarion for Deus Ex. Then Crazie wanted to take pictures of her comics being set free (in honor of Free Comics Day), so we went around taking photos of them handing from trees, being thrown up in the air, etc. Finally we had to say goodbye.

Crazie is just about as fun, giggly, and hyperactive as you would expect.

The free comics I grabbed were the Keenspot sample, the Alternative Comics sampler, the AdHouse Books sampler, the Astonish Comics sampler (this is the one with Spooner in it), Slave Labor Graphics' sampler, and the NBM Free Sampler. In the bag they gave me, I also got the "DB Freebie", a Mickey Mouse, a Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, and Archie (oh boy...), an Ultimate Spider-Man, and the first issue of Teen Titans Go.

Back home, I got drafted into picking up rotten apricots that'd fallen off of the tree in the backyard. Then I went with my folks to see Spiderman.

Trailer rundown:
  • Blade 3 - Looks pretty indistinguishable from the first. Could be entertaining.
  • Catwoman - oh gods no
  • The Bourne Supremacy - looks cool. I liked the first one.
  • I, Robot - talk about missing the point of the book it's supposedly based on. Oh well, as long as I remember that it actually has nothing whatsoever to do with Asimov's Robot stories besides the title, it looks like it could be entertaining
The movie was fun. Molina was a good Doc Ock. The tagline should've been "You'll believe a car can fly" considering all of the vehicles that got thrown through the air. Much coolness. There's just one thing nagging at me in the back of my mind (and no, it's not the artificial intelligence of the manipulators attached to my spine): <spoiler (highlight to read)>
Okay, now MJ and Harry both know that Peter is Spidey. And Aunt May now thinks Spider-Man is a great guy instead of a menace. Umm...okay...that kinda takes care of the central conflicts regarding the whole alter-ego thing. I wonder what they're gonna do to keep it fresh in the next movie.

It was a rich full day.

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