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  • Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow! Don't forget to stock up! brettday has written up previews for the "gold level" and "silver level" offerings.

  • Sequential Tart has just announced the Third Annual Tarties. These are their (tongue firmly in cheek) awards for the best ("Sweet Tarts") and worst ("Sour Tarts") in comics. An example:

    The You're Gonna Need a Bigger Fridge Award: DC Comics, for killing off women in "event miniseries." Victims include Donna Troy and Lilith in Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day and Sue Dibny in Identity Crisis. Rumors have it that Stephanie Brown (Spoiler) will be the next to go in Batman: War Games. Bonus points to IC, for having Sue be pregnant when she was murdered. Do we have to have mini-series focused on dead women all the time? Aren't there any extra male characters around to off? I mean, Green Arrow has two male sidekicks, we've got three extra Green Lanterns ... why not just end that debate and leave only Alan Scott standing? And Snapper Carr is still alive. What's with that?

  • I can't stop watching...

    Yoshi's got the moves.

  • A matter of medical terminology

    Asperger's Syndrome is a form of high-functioning autism consisting of difficulty picking up on social cues, which sometimes results in sufferers…

  • Moar WonderCon

    Psylocke. Not the most flattering photo of this particular cosplayer, I'm afraid. I wonder what he's an interpreter of? Grunts and growls?…

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