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What Type of Superhero are You? (PICS!)
How You Got Your Super Powers I was bitten by a radioactive catipillar
Your Costume
Popularity With The People - 87%
Weakness Neon Colors
This quiz by Gotstrings88 - Taken 693 Times.

Your Death
Current Mood
Pick a Color
How You Will Die: One of your friends (unknown) will run you over with their car
How Long People Will Remember You: 2 days
When You Will Die: next week
Where You Will Die: in Florida
Your Last Words Will Be: "I love you!"
This Percentage of People That Knew You Actually Liked You: - 82%
This fun quiz by brittiami - Taken 35 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

One of my friends, in Florida, will run me over with their car while I proclaim my love. Hmm.


    So today I got lost in San Francisco on the way to the test, hit another car (not very hard and there was no visible damage, but we exchanged our…

  • Well, Japanese final's over

    I think I did OK. I hope I did better than last time. The essay portion actually came pretty easily, and it wasn't just regurgitating my previous HW…

  • Movie night at Davies for Halloween: Jekyll & Hyde / The Haunted House

    So last night I saw a couple of movies at the Symphony: the silent "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" with John Barrymore and Buster Keaton's short "The…

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