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Public service announcement

Spyware eats ass.

To avoid spyware, I recommend the following programs:
  • SpywareBlaster — this prevents spyware from installing itself through means such as ActiveX. This should be your first line of defense.
  • Spybot Search & Destroy — a very good spyware remover
  • AdAware — another very good spyware remover. I recommend using both of these, because one will not always find the same things as the other
  • SpywareGuard — a real-time scanner for spyware, by the same folks as SpywareBlaster.
  • IE-SpyAd — not a program at all, but a registry file. Double-clicking on it installs it into Windows' registry, where it adds a whole metric buttload of known spyware-installing domains to IE's "restricted zone", where they are rendered unable to do anything.
And just as with antivirus programs, make sure you keep your antispyware up-to-date. All but IE-SpyAd have auto-update features. IE-SpyAd, since it's just a file and not an application, cannot auto-update, so bookmark it and download a new copy every so often.

Do not download anti-spyware programs that advertise. Many of them are spyware in disguise. For more information, check out Suzi's Spyware Blog.


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