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I'd forgotten how much goths annoy me

Lone Wolf
You are the Lone Wolf. Dark, silent, mysterious you
stalk the hidden corners of the night. You
avoid the living and the undead, preferring the
high roofs of the city and the low tunnels of
the streets.

What Fictional Vampire Archtype are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Really, the first question was the only one I had a decent answer for. Apparently, it's a little-known fact that vampires are repelled by normal clothing as well as garlic. Wouldn't being allergic to sunlight make it a little tough to go shopping for stuff like clothes? My favorite color wasn't listed (and since when is Technicolor a color? It's a type of film stock!). Also, the artists I know IRL aren't really any more passionate than other people, they just like to draw--one is probably the most passionless and apathetic person I know.

Gripe gripe gripe

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