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Hooray for Bollywood

Last night at Joe's house, we were trying to think of something to do. I suggested the NWA-TNA tape I'd made for him, but he said he preferred to watch something on DVD. His sister brought up Bollywood, and that prompted Joe to throw in a movie titled Shakti. I'd never seen a Bollywood movie before. The movie was interesting, but long. We didn't get more than halfway through it before we knocked off for the night (at around 2 am). It's about an Indian-Canadian woman who gets married to a guy who turns out to have a dark past: he's the son of an Indian warlord involved in a war with another branch of the family. It was pretty good, although it starts at the beginning (before she's even married the guy) and doesn't leave very much out. Also, the hero doesn't even appear until about halfway through the movie (we quit before he'd even had much character development). There were a few musical numbers, but it was mostly plot-driven.

In terms of style, it reminded me a lot of Hong Kong movies. People overact in similar ways, the main villain is from the same "greasy short scheming creep" mold as hundreds of wushu villains, and the hero's first scene has him trying to fast-talk his way out of being arrested with the sort of stream of bullshit normally associated with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao.

I'll have to finish watching the movie sometime. I wanna know what happens!
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