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Lame start to the day

I get up and brush my teeth. It feels like there's a little canker sore on the side of my tongue, so I reach into the drawer where the floss, toothpaste, and other dental hygiene items are kept and grab a tube that looks like the oral analgesic gel (topical pain reliever). I squirt some on my tongue, but I don't feel the tingly numbness it usually causes. It also doesn't taste sweet.  I take another look at the tube.

It's the Neosporin.

Ugh!   After a bunch of hocking, spitting, gargling, rinsing, and only-partly-induced shallow vomiting, I find the actual tube of oral pain reliever and use that. And I put the Neosporin tube back where it should be, with the antifungal cream and other skin ointments.

Also, I was supposed to go to the park and run the weekend Aikido practice at 11. I didn't remember until about 1:30. I just sent off an email apologizing—I hope they're not too mad that I dropped the ball so badly.

Oh well. I hope tonight's APW Gym Wars show is cool. Or at least that none of the wrestlers land on my head.

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