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Banana booze part 2+

I revisited my banana concoction a couple of nights ago. Here's the latest iteration:

~3 inches of a banana, muddled
1/2 oz molasses
1/2 oz Nocello
1/2 oz Benedictine
1 oz rye
1 egg white

Definitely not too much liquid this time. Quite the opposite: this was so thick it took some coaxing to get it through the strainer, and the half banana garnish actually floated. I think next time I'll reduce the molasses to 1/4 oz, and maybe boost the Benedictine to 3/4 oz to give it more of a presence.

As for the rye, I'd say I chose it because with no bitters or citrus I needed its dryness to help cut the sweetness of the mixers...except it was really because the rye was in front in the pantry and the bourbon was buried in the back. And I'm not sure it was the right move. I'll probably go back to bourbon and see what that gets me with the proportion changes.

In other cocktail news, another experiment of mine has borne fruit. It's a fairly simple highball:

1/2 oz Nocello
1 oz calvados
fill (approx. 1:1) with Martinelli's sparkling apple cider

This balances out just right. The Nocello is there but not overpowering, it's sweet but not too sweet (probably good with a light dessert), and it masks the funkier notes of the calvados. Not too sure what garnish would be appropriate. I tried sprinkling a little cinnamon on top, but without a foam to sit on it doesn't look like much. Maybe a cinnamon stick? Or just a maraschino cherry, I dunno.

Last night's attempt used rye instead of calvados. The calvados version is clearly superior.
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