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05 January 2010 @ 09:20 am
Quote of the day: Umberto Eco on cult movies  
"What are the requirements for transforming a book or movie into a cult object? The work must be loved, obviously, but this is not enough. It must provide a completely furnished world so that its fans can quote characters and episodes as if they were aspects of the fan’s private sectarian world, a world about which one can make up quizzes and play trivia games so that the adepts of the sect recognize through each other a shared expertise.... [A cult movie must be] ramshackle, rickety, unhinged in itself.... Only an unhinged movie survives as a disconnected series of images, of peaks, of visual icebergs. It should display not one central idea but many. It should not reveal a coherent philosophy of composition. It must live on, and because of, its glorious ricketiness."
—Umberto Eco, "'Casablanca': Cult Movies and Intertextual Collage" (1984)
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russ: esperanto-flagogoulo on January 6th, 2010 01:42 pm (UTC)
Casablanca! By coincidence I've recently been pondering doing Esperanto subtitles for Casablanca (having already subtitled It's a Wonderful Life). Casablanca's a classic film that a lot of non-US people have heard of but not seen. (Well, these days, a lot of US citizens have also not seen it, sadly...)