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"And the Oscar goes to..."

Wait, screw that. I'm kickin' it old school. None'a this "Oscar goes to" crap.
Your Oscar-Winning Film Role by mooisaidmoo
Your Name
Movie Title...Holy
Your RoleThe jealous parent of a pop-star who kills pretty much everyone
Your Love InterestJude Law
The EndingYour character wins the war against something, returns home to somewhere, marries someone and lives happily blah
The Critics Say..."I loved it. The scene where the nurse chainsaws the priest is genius!"
Your Acceptance Speech"Thanks to the director, the co-stars, the Academy, my parents, brother and sister, all my friends (leaves) (runs back on) And my LOVER! SORRY!"
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Damn. Now that sounds like my kinda movie.

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