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On the latest Harry Potter flick

Overall, pretty entertaining. Random thoughts, spoilers ahoy:

Dumbledore is a cockblocker. Couldn't recruiting Slughorn have waited?

Sure was nice of the Death Eaters to make sure all the muggles got off of that bridge before it collapsed.

I love Luna Lovegood. She's so completely out of it. She's probably my favorite character at this point. Also, those x-ray specs are stylin'.

Ron really was thick as a whale in this installment. Harry, too, seemed to have caught a severe case of the retarded when he ran after Bellatrix LeStrange when the Order of the Phoenix is right fucking there.

Speaking of Bellatrix, Helena Bonham Carter seemed to be channeling Johnny Depp channeling Keith Richards. She had the Captain Jack wobble down.

This was the druggiest installment yet, with two extended drug scenes: Ron drunk on love potion, and Harry after taking the cocaine luck potion. Harry's behavior on the potion was particularly funny. Harry with an excess of confidence is kind of a dick.

Definitely a feeling of middle-movie-itis this time around. Lots of setting stuff up, but not much in the way of a story arc for this specific film. Snape revealing that he's the "half-blood prince" feels like it was supposed to be climactic, except that mystery was pretty minor—the only reason it seemed like it should be at all relevant was the title—and had already been overshadowed by the showdown in the tower. "Yes, I am the half-blood prince!" "Um...okay. Good for you?"
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