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Get a haircut, and get a real job

Well, apply to a few temp agencies and shave off a beard. Close enough.

Finished up my resume today and called around to temp agencies. Hopefully I'll get a bite. I'm not too picky about what sort of work I get (although I'll rule out spamming and telemarketing). It'll be nice to be getting an actual paycheck again (especially with my bank account edging closer to empty every day). If it comes with medical, so much the better--paying out of pocket sucks.

Having been pushed out of the house for a while by my dad (who's on vacation, and has set a 9pm curfew for use of his computer--expect me on a lot less at night), I wandered around a bit downtown, mostly browsing in bookstores. I read quite a bit of the O'Reilly book on RAID in Linux. Now I know that RAID arrays can't be partitioned, which complicates my plans for my next computer (nothing insurmountable though). On the way back home, I cut through the park, and stumbled on Jack from the Aikido club. Turned out he and some others were about to start practice (while the Y is closed, the club practices outside). I decided to join them. Whoo, boy am I ever out of practice. I haven't practiced since last October. But, it was fun. I'll try to be back Wednesday and keep at it. I hadn't realized how much I missed doing it.

I've been getting sick of my beard. I've never been really happy with it. The moustache and sides were particularly thin. Plus it was just a pain to keep clean & groomed. Now that it's shaved off, I look a lot better, if I do say so myself. Although now I have a bunch of zits visible on my chin--that thing trapped a lot of dirt. It was sort of a byproduct of my illness...with my ankles swollen up the way they were, I couldn't even stand up to look in the mirror. After I got better I decided to leave it for a while, but it never really worked out. So I guess it could be symbolic of trying to get my life back together after derailing nearly a year ago. Damn, my face is sore now.

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