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I've put this off way too long.

Comment "WORDS" to this entry and I will comment back with five words I associate with you. Then you post this in your journal elaborating.

Here are padparadscha’s words.

Snark — I don't know what it says that this is the first word you thought of when you thought of me! :P I come by my sarcasm honestly; my parents raised me on it. I do love a good bon mot (even though mine are often less than bon), and I don't suffer fools gladly. And when I see an opening for a good jab I tend to take it, more so online than in person, where I have the classic "great comeback ten minutes after the conversation" problem (thank goodness for the printed word!). I also used to regularly read demiurgent's excellent blog Websnark, which frequently covered...

Webcomics — I used to follow tons of webcomics, and was heavily involved in the fandom(s). I even almost started blogging reviews of webcomics. Now I'm down to just a few that I read regularly (Girl Genius, Questionable Content, Shortpacked) and a couple I catch up with occasionally (Templar, Arizona, Flaky Pastry). The list of webcomics I used to follow is long, and I'm not sure I can even remember all of the titles offhand (particularly the various short-lived Keenspace comics I read). I first got into webcomics when I discovered a collection of User Friendly in the USC college bookstore's computer science section, and was intrigued that O'Reilly had put out a book of cartoons. I hung out in the comp sci section, and knew what O'Reilly was, because I am an enormous...

Geek — To me, being a geek is less about interest in particular, stereotypically "geeky" subjects, though I do tend to be into a lot of them to some extent, but rather an approach to one's interests, mentally cataloguing trivia and finding patterns. Sort of an engineering mindset, applied to one's hobbies. My geekiness has taken many forms over the years, including an extended phase of anime fandom. Computer geekery has been a near-constant since I was a little kid who only stopped hiding under a desk on the first day of First Grade because the teacher said something about the computer in the corner (a Commodore PET). Lately I've been something of a music geek, despite not really playing an instrument (I can sorta play drums, but that doesn't count). One of the more obscure forms it has taken is an interest in creating a...

Conlang — I started building languages in high school, out of frustration with Latin class. What started as a half-assed attempt at regularizing Latin (like "fixing" it would mean I wouldn't have to learn the irregularities) started to pick up weird features from cross-reference-surfing subjects like "mood" in the home encyclopedia. "Rateni" was only an occasional dalliance, though, mostly a method of procrastination while doing Latin homework, even though it found a place in my "Lost Colony" worldbuilding project. Then one day wasting time in the computer labs at college, I ran across Pablo David Flores' How To Create A Language, a primer that opened my eyes to the possibilities beyond tweaking a "known" language. I've since worked on several conlangs, some of which have gone through many top-to-bottom revisions, none of which have gotten to a stage where they are speakable. Someday! Most are connected to Lost Colony, though my current most active project is part of a mecha space opera fantasy setting. I can't think of a good transition to...

Kendo — My most recently aquired hobby. I've done Aikido since college (with some time off due to inability to walk or stand up), and I felt like branching out. Fortunately, there is a kendo dojo in town that meets on days when Aikido doesn't. I thought kendo would be a good supplement to my Aikido for several reasons: Aikido is (to some extent) based on movements from sword work, I could use a lot more sparring experience (pacing myself, reading my opponent, playing more aggressively), and the sandan exam includes a sword kata. Plus it's just fun to smack people with sticks! I've been enjoying it so far, but it's a lot of hard work. In fact, I should make another post on recent developments...

Any questions?
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