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Almost killed my cat the other day :(

A couple of days ago at breakfast, I was trying to keep the cat off of the table (she's a milk addict, and will hop up on the table to try to drink out of unattended—or even attended—cereal bowls). She was standing on the other table and trying ot jump across. I was doing the arms-wide basketball blocking thing, and eventually she gave up (I thought) and jumped down. So, I went over to my chair and sat down to finish my Crispix. Unfortunately, she hadn't actually given up⁓she'd only decided to try a different path. As I sat down, she was trying to hop up onto my chair. I jumped up when I felt her head under my butt. She ran off and gave me a look in the doorway before running down the hall. She hid for a while.

I felt really bad. If I'd sat down any faster, I could've broken her neck. :(

Fortunately, she seems to be fine.

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