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Had a couple of weird dreams last night.

The first one I can barely remember. It was in a wooded town setting, vaguely Sierra foothills-ish. There were two guys running around, one of them first-person, I think being chased by the police, taking photos. There was also a nuclear bomb at a test site (which was just a corner lot in the town with a bench and a shack). They set off the bomb and got away. Later they came back that way, and the damage was minimal (the blast had spread out from the lot into the street, but the nearby houses were still standing). The weirdest thing about it was that when I went through the blast area, it felt warm and tingly. I can't recall ever having tactile sensations in my dreams before, at least not any that stood out.

I think I woke up and drifted back to sleep. I've been sleeping lightly lately, which sucks.

The second one was about cats. Sort of. Mutant or genetically engineered cats. It was in the same sort of setting as the last dream, though I was just wandering around. Here and there I would find cats. They started out normal, but as the dream went on they got stranger, though not in a disturbing way. It wasn't a nightmare. I started finding cats with odd fur colors (like blue), then cats in odd shapes. There was a tribble-cat, with no head, legs, or tail, just a purring ball of fluff. There was a cat in the form of a shoebrush, also headless and limbless, with bristles on the back that purred when you used it to brush off your shoes. There was even an aerosol can cat, that purred when you sprayed things with it. I knew that these cats had been genetically modified to be household items.

That's how I knew it was a dream. Real cats are never useful.
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