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Photos from WonderCon 2008

I need to be better about updating with stuff I've done reasonably close to when I do it. It's been a week since WonderCon!

I went all three days, but only have pics from Saturday and Sunday. Oh, I brought my camera on just refused to turn on! Batteries were fresh too. I was a little put out, since I'd lugged the damned thing to work with me (I work just a few blocks from Moscone Center), and I'd just had it fixed (I just hadn't bothered to try it out since I got it back from the shop, and it'd been too long since then to just bring it back and get it fixed again for free). I borrowed my folks' digital camera for the rest of the weekend

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

The Dalek was really impressive. It moved around. I'm pretty sure it was motorized, because it glided and turned way too smoothly to be somebody inside. The girls reminded me of Girls's Costume Warehouse. I can't place what the girl with the hood was supposed to be (something from Final Fantasy?). She was mighty cute, though.

Some steampunk costumes, including a couple recognizable to webcomics fans:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

The first one turned out too dark, and some jackass barged in front of me with his own camera, but I kept it because I like the poses more. This was, naturally enough, in front of Phil Foglio's Girl Genius booth. Agatha and Gil were a couple, while the rest were from some Jules Verne "re-enactment" troupe.

Here's Phil, looking mighty pleased at the display:

Free Image Hosting at

And posing with his creation:

Free Image Hosting at

Not pictured: Agatha and Gil's baby, who was in a stroller (and not in costume, his parents aren't that nuts).

Art Adams in Artists' Alley:

Free Image Hosting at

Pyramid Head and Nurse from Silent Hill:

Free Image Hosting at

The Cartoon Network booth's tables were a doodles-allowed zone:

Free Image Hosting at

I got a kick out of the fact that somebody saw fit to correct the spelling of "pompadour".

Loki and the Enchantress:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

The green contacts are pretty freaky. As are the airbrushed muscles. I have no idea who that guy between them was, but he was wearing an exhibitor badge.

But here comes their greatest enemies, Thor and...Girl-Thor!

Free Image Hosting at

She may be the magically transgendered Thor from the Earth X miniseries, but I don't know. I thought that one still had the silver spots on the front.

I was amused by this:

Free Image Hosting at

This is your brain on WonderCon:

Free Image Hosting at

Your guess is a good as mine. I do think the Hello Kitty backpack was a nice touch though.

Ryu and Chun-Li at the Capcom booth:

Free Image Hosting at

I think they may have been hired to work the booth, though Chun looks a little sheepish.

The 501st Legion booth:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

The 501st, as you've probably already figured out, is a Star Wars cosplay group. It's ridiculously huge—they've even got their own version of the USO.

The Ewok was a statue, however, not a guy in a suit.

Mike Mignola and his daughter in Artists' Alley:

Free Image Hosting at

The Depp Duo (plus one):

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

I'm disappointed in how grainy these came out. The costumes were pretty good, and Captain Jack really had that drunken, foppish swagger down pat.

A Snow Trooper, and a couple of Batman villainesses:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Note the kid's shirt in the first pic (I wish I'd gotten more of him in frame).

Speaking of Bat-villainesses, here's Harley Quinn in front of a lunch line:

Free Image Hosting at

Some people just don't know better than to eat con food. Oh well, it's their intestinal tract...

This underwhelming pic is the Dark Horse panel:

Free Image Hosting at

Among the many announcements made at this panel were that DH will be printing collections of the classic Warren Publishing Eerie and Creepy horror comic magazines, in the original size and dimensions. Keith Knight's K Chronicles, and Chris Onstad's Achewood, will also be published in collected form by Dark Horse. There will be a huge Star Wars crossover series spanning the history of the extended universe. And the founding anthology title Dark Horse Presents will find new life as a web-based comics feature on MySpace.

Big stuff...but nobody heard it, because the audience at the panel was next to nonexistent. I've noticed this about Dark Horse panels: they'll usually only be two people, their publicist and an editor, who nobody really cares about so nobody attends. DH has a ton of top creators, so you'd think they could convince one to appear at the panel to generate some interest.

(This dark, blurry pic is as good as it gets here. I took another pic, after finally figuring out the zoom feature, but the stupid camera decided that the focus should be on the head of the guy right in front of me, even though it was barely in frame, so it's unusable)

More costumes. Here's Violet from The Incredibles:

Free Image Hosting at

Dan Brereton at Artists' Alley:

Free Image Hosting at

Dan's responsible for the Batman Elsewords Thrillkiller, and his creator-owned series Nocturnals (about a group of supernatural monster-heroes), The Psycho (a violent superhero noir), and Giantkiller (kaiju action). His specialties are monsters and voluptuous women. Sometimes both at once. And his live-in girlfriend is the daughter of my mom's childhood best friend, so we're practically family! Okay, not really.

I got myself a copy of Giantkiller (lots of fun BTW), a few prints, and a sketch in my sketchbook.

More costumes:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Master Chief's gun is almost as bulky as that kid's enormous backpack! I didn't crop the pic of Tom Servo and Mike(?) because I wanted to show how the dealer room looked.

Up on ground level (Moscone South is an underground building), we find...R2D2!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

These R2 units were awesome. They moved around! While I can't be totally sure about the Dalek, these were obviously 100% electromechanical. Not a blown motivator in the bunch!

Some more costumes topside:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

The guy being strangled by the...whatever that thing is is not in costume. That's a Brinks truck driver, probably there to refill the ATMs (which get depleted in record time at these events. If you ever want to blow a metric fuckton of money on junk, go to a comics convention). I wish I'd thought to get a shot of Link's back, because his Hylian shield was really the best part of his costume. Batgirl (Cassandra Cain version) was part of a huge group of people milling around the mezzanine area after a panel (I think it may have been Tokyopop).

Back on the main floor:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?

I believe the guy dressed as the Green Hornet here was dressed as Dick Tracy the day before. He was also Tracy at the last San Diego Comic-Con I attended, where I'd complimented him on his costume and chatted a bit.

Over in the celeb signing area, RVD! RVD! RVD!

Free Image Hosting at

Yes, that is pro wrestler Rob Van Dam. He goes to these things all the time actually. He's a big comics fan (maybe not as big as Shane "Hurricane" Helms), and runs his own comic shop. If I'd known he was going to be there, I probably would have tried to get something signed for my friend Joe.

Mike Royer in Artists' Alley:

Free Image Hosting at

Mr. Royer has had a long career in comics, working for several companies. He's mostly an inker, but he also did the early '90s redesign of the Winnie the Pooh characters for Disney (which nearly all of their Pooh merchandise is based on, and which has been more popular than Mickey).

Yet more costumes:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Gandalf there is standing in front of a booth where I dropped way, way too much money. Those out-of-print soundtracks were $40 a pop, but they had some great stuff that's impossible to find. This con is the first one I've been to where several booths actually took credit cards, and didn't use the oldschool carbon copy method. Over at the Sofawolf booth (not pictured), where I bought volume 3 of Digger, I found out that there's now a credit card reader gadget that you can hook up to a cell phone so you can charge without a land line. This is both a blessing and a curse: blessing, because it's way more convenient than having to stop at the ATM every time you turn around, and curse, because you're not held back from spending tons of money by having to wait in line at the ATM!

The kids loved that big, plushy Creature from the Black Lagoon costume.

Kurt Busiek at the DC booth:

Free Image Hosting at

I thought I'd gotten a shot of Bill Willingham earlier, but I guess not.

Here's Jason Thompson hosting the "100 Manga in 60 Minutes" panel:

The panel didn't tell me much I didn't already know about manga in Japan, but it was entertaining, and he went into the different focuses and audiences for specific magazines.

His eyes are glowing there as he prepares to eliminate a heckler with his EYE LAZORS:

Free Image Hosting at


And finally, we have Sergio Aragones, of Groo and Mad Magazine fame (and currently writing the western Bat Lash for DC):

Free Image Hosting at

Besides a sketch, I also bought the Groo card game (now out of print, and I didn't know it existed!) and a copy of The Life of Groo/The Death of Groo, which he signed. To the left you can see Steve Leialoha (got his start drawing stuff like Adam Warlock for Marvel in the '70s, currently drawing the popular Fables and Jack of Fables for DC), who I also got a sketch from. Both are great guys, and if you ever go to one of these things you should stop by and say hi.

I also attended the latter half of the DC panel, saw some Bleach, and saw a couple of movies. One was the 3DCG anime Appleseed: Ex Machina. The semi-cell-shaded look took some getting used to, but it was pretty fun. Although it's kind of hard to believe that Deunan is an "unmodified human" when she's pulling off crazy Matrix gun-fu acrobatics. And it's produced by John Woo, so naturally there are flocks of doves everywhere (later it's revealed that the doves are actually robots broadcasting a mind-controlling signal. At this revelation, the entire theater broke out laughing). The other was the animated Justice League: New Frontier, based on Darwyn Cooke's revisionist (but not "superhero deconstructionist") take on the Silver Age DCU. I missed most of the first half, but what I saw was pretty good (I don't think there was any need for Hal Jordan to be abducted by a UFO to find Abin Sur rather than just being led to him by the ring, because blowing up the room he was in makes his secret identity a little harder to justify, but then by the end it seems like a lot of folks, including Rick Flagg of all people, know his ID, so it hardly matters). Both are worth checking out, JL:NF more than Appleseed (unless you're up for some fairly mindless explodification).

And to sum up, here's all the stuff I got:

  • Matt Wagner: Mirth from Mage
  • Art Adams: goofy self-portrait
  • Keith Knight: self-portrait, saying "Poop!!"
  • Phil Foglio: Agatha Clay (I meant to ask for Lady Vrin, but he'd started before I had a chance)
  • Chris Giarrusso (G-Man, the Mini-Marvels backup feature, The Mighty Skullboy Army): Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
  • Mike Mignola: Hellboy
  • Dan Brereton: Drop Dead Girl (one of his Nocturnals characters), full color
  • Steve Leialoha: female face
  • Sergio Aragones: Groo with Rufferto
  • Art Adams samplers V and VI
  • Groo: The Card Game, with expansion set
  • The Life of Groo/The Death of Groo (reversible hardcover)
  • Girl Genius: The Works card game
  • The Beatles: Yellow Submarine comic (I never knew there was a comic tie-in! Had to buy it)
  • 2 issues of DC Comics Presents: "Superman and Clark Kent" and "Superman in the House of Mystery"
  • Giantkiller TPB, signed
  • Steed and Mrs. Peel issue 1, written by Grant Morrison (based on the TV Show "The Avengers")
  • Epicurus the Sage volume 1 by William Messner-Loebs and Sam Keith
  • Roger Rabbit: The Resurrection of Doom graphic novel
  • Firestar issues 1-4 pack
  • Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld four-issue miniseries pack
  • Wild Cards four-part graphic novel series
  • G-Man TPB (signed)
  • Mœbius volume 5: The Gardens of Adena and volume 5: Pharagonesia (long out of print)
  • Digger vol. 3
  • Out-of-print soundtracks on CD:
    • Tron: special 25th anniversary edition (includes alternate versions, the lightcycle theme, incidental music, and some dialogue bits)
    • Forbidden Zone (music by the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, before they'd transitioned into a pop group)
    • Transformers: The Motion Picture soundtrack complete edition 2-CD set (includes songs and score)
    • The Prisoner
    • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (I love this movie so much)
    • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Akira Ifukube!)
    • Goblin: Greatest Hits (includes their themes for Dario Argento's Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) and Suspiria, and the Italian version of Romero's Dawn of the Dead)
  • DVDs:
    • Disney's Haunted Mansion ride behind the scenes vols. 1 & 2
    • Disney's The Pirates of the Caribbean: The History of the Attraction
    • Inhumanoids: The Evil That Lies Within complete series 2-DVD set (a forgotten cartoon from the '80s)
    • Max Headroom seasons 1 & 2 3-DVD set
    • Duckman complete series 4-DVD set
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