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Last night I dreamed I was watching a video (movie?). It was like a third-person dream (which is how they usually go for me), except it felt like I was specifically watching it on a screen. The movie was about my mom and her old friend Carolyn on a trip to Monterey* with Ikumi (a character from Infinite Ryvius, an anime series a coworker loaned me). They came by train, and stayed at a Coke vending machine at a crossroads--they'd put in a quarter, open the front panel, and walk in. The interior was made of bare sheet metal with a few shelves attached to the wall, and about the size of a closet (but apparently big enough for 3 people to stand comfortably).

After resting for a bit, my mom and her friend went by bus to the woods, drinking tea and talking along the way. Strangely, they were both invisible to me, the viewer, during this trip--in fact, I don't recall actually seeing them at any point in the dream, but here it was obvious because the teacups and saucers were visible, and floated in the air as they held them. They then hiked back through the woods, talking about how a large skyscraper being built on an island in the bay (the island had a name, although I don't think it was a real one in the area. I can't recall what it was) was a bad idea to build in earthquake country, because if it fell it would wipe out everything around it, and a tunnel being built to the island was likely to get flooded. It was a very talky dream, actually. They walked by a BART train (BART doesn't go down to Monterey), and even at one point walked over it as it went through a crevace that left the roof level with the surrounding ground in the forest. Ikumi was back with them at this point (I recall there was some sort of subplot with him that the "video" would cut back to at points, but I can't remember it). They got back to the vending machine, packed up their stuff, and left.

As an interesting note, at some times the "video" was animated. Ikumi is of course an anime character, and also the bus trip was done in a sort of Miyazakian, painterly style.

I thought the video was really good, and woke up wanting to reccommend it to people. It took a while to sink in that I'd only dreamed it, which was kind of disappointing.

*It was supposed to be Monterey, CA, but it didn't look much like it. It looked more like way to the Sierra foothills, with rolling hills of golden dried grass next to green wooded areas. Apparently my subconscious is just as bad as Hollywood studios when it comes to scouting locations.
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