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A couple of comics I´ve stumbled across

  • Drew Weing's Set to Sea - The story of a burly poet who gets mistaken for a sailor and shanghaied. Good characterization and fantastic art. Characters reminiscent of E. C. Segar and gorgeous, detailed settings. Start at the beginning.
  • Dean Haspiel's Immortal - A pair of hard-boiled, super-powered lovers accidentally awaken a cosmic deity that doesn't know how to love anymore. Seriously. Jack Kirby space-god operatics and Frank Miller two-fisted hypernoir combined in one concentrated dose. Sample dialogue: "That dame broke her bruiser out from jail—only to crack the seal of a legend exiled eons ago." Don't expect anything so banal as naturalism. It's a one-shot (just one extended vertical strip—infinite canvas minus gimmicks), so read it all here.
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