March 6th, 2010


Because that last set of games wasn't enough


A giant robot battle rages in the city around you. Trapped on a high floor of an office building, you can feel the structure is about to give way. The only way to escape is to run. Run! Run run run!

Very similar gameplay to Robot Unicorn Attack (this one came first), but even more minimal: your only button is jump, and there is no double jumping. The terrain is the roofs and hallways of buildings, and the occasional building cranem so it's basically flat, with the only variations being in building height. Scoring is completely by distance traveled, with no bonuses. On the other hand, there are small obstacles that slow you down if you run into them, crumbling buildings start to collapse as you run across them, the bombs will sometimes land on the rooftops, making instant obstacles, and for really tall buildings you have to aim for and smash through windows, action movie style. The graphics, while entirely grayscale, are surprisingly sophisticated and evocative: birds on rooftops take wing when you land a jump, the silhouettes of hulking mecha wander among clouds of billowing smoke in the background, aircraft buzz by overhead, and glass shatters into bouncing bits. And the music, an ominous chiptune with IDM-like snare rushes, is fantastic.

It doesn't have the over-the-top campy charm of RUA, but it's a great little indie game.