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  • Just this last weekend part of the freeway interchange in Emeryville was destroyed, majorly screwing up the commute between the East Bay and San Francisco. We've been told that it was caused by an accident involving an oil tanker truck. But one blog is dedicated to uncovering the truth: that IKEA is behind 4/29
  • They Didn't See It Coming: Philadelphia shuts down professional "psychics" under an obscure law against fortunetelling for profit.
  • Malfunctioning high-tech Japanese luxury toilets will really light a fire under your ass.
  • You Are Here - a map of online social sites
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    So today I got lost in San Francisco on the way to the test, hit another car (not very hard and there was no visible damage, but we exchanged our…

  • Well, Japanese final's over

    I think I did OK. I hope I did better than last time. The essay portion actually came pretty easily, and it wasn't just regurgitating my previous HW…

  • Movie night at Davies for Halloween: Jekyll & Hyde / The Haunted House

    So last night I saw a couple of movies at the Symphony: the silent "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" with John Barrymore and Buster Keaton's short "The…

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