February 27th, 2007


Decisions, decisions

This Sunday I found out that one of my favorite songwriters, Roky Erickson, will be performing in San Francisco this Thursday. AIUI, he doesn't tour very much, so this is a rare opportunity. Unfortunately, Thursday is Game Night for me & my friends. Normally I'd just skip game night, but we didn't game last week and I'll be skipping it for sure next week (to see Night of the Lepus as part of the Parkway Theater's Thrillville b-movie series with some friends from work). So that's three weeks down, two of which my character* won't be leveling up with the other characters, which would put him pretty far behind, and he's already one of the weaker party members. And, well, I've kind of been fiending for some D&D action (I'm not proud). Either way I'm going to regret my decision.

Oh well. I'll be seeing a documentary on Roky tomorrow night, and I can make up my mind then.

*Kamandi, a Wild Elf scout. It's a prehistoric D&D campaign. Dungeons & Dinos!
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