February 28th, 2006

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Comics acquisitions

Stopped by Comic Relief after work today and picked up a couple of things. One is The Middle Man: The Trade Paperback Imperative, which collects the first series of The Middle Man. Monkey mobsters, people. Check it out. I also grabbed a copy of Tales Designed To Thrizzle #2 by Michael Kupperman, from Fantagraphics. I wish somebody had told me how awesome this book is earlier. I saw Kupperman at WonderCon (and helped him put one of his posterboard copies of a cover back up when the tape dried out), but I overlooked his stuff. My mistake. I should have been fawning over him. It's pretty much a collection of random gags (and I do mean random) in a mock-retro style. There's a very J.R. "Bob" Dobbs feel to the whole thing.

The cover:
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TDtT isn't afraid to get personal:
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And here are a couple of random strips:
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