October 25th, 2005



Went to my doctor's appointment today. All I got out of it was a prescription for indomethacin and advice to ice the ankle and keep it elevated. Well, duh. They don't have any rheumatologists at that clinic, so I'm going to have to find one on my own. Joy.

On the way home by bus I detoured to Long's to pick up my prescription. However, I wasn't in the system (since I have no health insurance) so they told me I needed to wait. So I did. For what seemed like ages. Finally, I got up and hobbled over to the drop-off window, and they said I'd have to wait for 3 hours. Uh huh. So I took the bus home, my foot hurting more and more as time passed. Every time people got on the bus, I would look at them and think "If you so much as touch my foot as you walk by, I will crush your skull with my walking stick." By the time I got dropped off, my foot hurt so much  that the only thing keeping me upright while walking the 3 blocks to my house was the strength of my hatred for the medical industry.

I'd thought I could get a ride back to Long's to pick up the pills. I'd forgotten that my dad was out on the town tonight. My mom ended up calling him on his cel, and he drove back. When he got here, he called Long's and it turned out they were closed. Great. So I'm stuck without prescription painkillers tonight.