July 17th, 2005

lon chaney

The Emperors have no clothes

Saw March of the Penguins at the Piedmont yesterday. It's a good movie, interesting and a little touching. Also, baby penguins are among the world's cutest creatures, with their fluffy grey feathers and little black eyes. Morgan Freeman's narration is excellent. This is a rare case of an English-language version that is superior to the original: the French narration added in "foreplay" noises to the mating scene and other stupid comedy crap that would take away from the story on screen.

The trailers were an odd mix: on the one hand, it's a family movie (and a matinee showing), so we got a trailer for Valiant (bleck); on the other, the Piedmont is primarily an art house, so we got a trailer for the upcoming rerelease of Louis Malle's French New Wave classic noir Elevator to the Gallows (complete with Miles Davis' original score). There was also a trailer for the new version of Pride and Prejudice (starring Kiera "Fishlips" Knightly), which I guess they're marketing as a family film?
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