July 8th, 2005



...by crusherjoe

Post five things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Post it to your journal, and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs.

1. Daydreaming. Just thinking. One of my odder habits is waving a stick around in a circle to help me think. And sometimes jumping around in the backyard.

2. Being online. Goofing off in forums and IRC. Fixing up articles in Wikipedia. You all knew this already.

3. Reading. Not sure why I don't do this more often. I think it may be #2 expanding to take up all available spacetime.

4. Aikido. Haven't done this much at all recently. :(

5. Watching movies. Like #3, an activity I don't engage in that much in general (although I've actually seen quite a few recently).

Tag, you five are it:
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