March 10th, 2005

king crimson finger

Top 5 websites

New minervacat Top 5 List, through aurora77:

Top 5 Favorite Internet Sites. Not the most useful, not the funniest, your favorite - and LiveJournal can't be one of 'em. Five besides this cesspool of porn and procrastination. Where do you go for entertainment? For news? For wasting an entire afternoon not doing anything productive?

  1. The Nightstar Zoo — Besides LJ, the first site I go to generally. Besides the staff forums, I hang out in Donkeys & Elephants (political discussion), Balloon Animals (comics), High Energy Magic (science!), and the It's Walky!, Shortpacked, Melonpool, Candi, and Tomodachi Forever forums.
  2. Keenspot forums — mainly for the CRFH forum, but also Keenspot Central and sometimes Nukees. And I check the Avalon forum whenever I see that it's got a new post (which isn't often).
  3. Talk About Comics — forums for some of my other favorite comics, in the ModernTales family. I hang out on the forums for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, Cayetano Garza, No Stereotypes, Fans, Gun Street Girl, and Killroy & Tina. I also contribute occasionally to Webcomics Critiques.
  4. Wikipedia — the encyclopedia that's also an addiction! I contribute here and there, and spend far too much time and mental effort on Votes for Deletion.
  5. 4chan — Abandon all hope ye who enter here. The source of most of the images and flash animations I torment people with, which are actually some of the milder samples. /b/ (the random board) is fun, because I can just unleash my inner retarded asshole. That's my home base, although I sometimes wander into /r/, /t/, /ic/, /s/, and others (but stay the hell out of places like /g/ and /l/. Ew.)
I can't believe I almost didn't think of 4chan. I almost put Websnark, which I don't even check every day (more like weekly at most).