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If you're not reading Flick, you're missing out on some inspired weirdness. For example, the current storyline is a combination of Krazy Kat and H. P. Lovecraft.
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Whose cuisine will reign supreme?
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Got a lead from a friend in Aikido for a job (Beta Programs Coordinator) at Macromedia. So I'm fixing up my resume to conform to their specifications. I am not going to get this job (part of their specifications is that applicants must have at least one degree. So I'm out.)

My resume is shitty. Unfortunately, it's not how I wrote it that makes it shit (that's fixable), it's the facts that have to go into it. I have no degree and my jobs have all been short-term (3 years at most), undemanding peon positions and manual labor, showing a distinct reduction in responsibilities and need for thought as the years go by.

I wanted to use a "functional resume"—basically, bluffing my way through by listing stuff I've done or learned in my free time as "relevant experience" and glossing over the crappiness of my actual education and work experience—but they only accept traditionally formatted resumés. So I'm stuck.

I want a do-over on my life.
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